And ……… Breathe

The secret of improved health and wellbeing

This is something that you are doing as you read this article. Unconsciously and without giving it a second thought. Breathing is something that we do day and night come rain or come shine, instinctively.

How would you feel if we told you that breathing could help you to feel healthier and happier, stand taller, sleep sounder and could help your energy levels skyrocket; that if you could master using your breath then you could easily achieve this.

We inhale approximately 20,000 times a day, which accounts for more than 7 million lungfuls per year. The chances are that you will have got the hang of it by now, but are you actually breathing properly? Breathe expert Caroline Kremer has worked with the body for over 20 years and she believes that the breath is crucial for the body and mind to work at its best; in fact she is obsessed with inhaling and exhaling correctly.
Breathing should be a slow process taking longer than you might think. Full and proper breathing should focus on drawing air then letting it out slowly. Using Caroline’s method you put your breath under pressure, ringing every last drop of stale air out of your lungs and emptying them fully. This then makes the next in-breath you take incredibly easy and natural. Why don’t you give it a go? Lie down with your arms by your sides, hands facing upwards. Inhale normally through your nose, then exhale slowly, making a hissing, snake-like noise as you do so. If you sound like a deflating balloon, then you are doing it correctly. When you think that you can’t push out a single bit more, just wait a little longer…

Then when your lungs fill with air, they do so right up to your shoulders. Great big landfalls of delicious, fresh, oxygen. It is the most natural thing in the world and the feeling it can give you is euphoric. You can also do it with your arms crossed above your head or flat out to the side like an aeroplane. You will turn your diaphragm and reset your clavicles relaxing the muscles in your neck and your spine. You’ll massage your heart getting the blood pumping properly, sending oxygen firing around your body. You will also improve your digestion which will enable you to concentrate for longer. You will be a strong unity lowering your stress levels… and all for free!

Try it for 10 minutes every day and transform your health and wellbeing.