Do you suffer from chronic undiagnosed pain?
Would you like to feel healthier, fitter and happier from the inside to the outside?

Our highly qualified and experienced, talented team of practitioners are dedicated to help you to get back to optimum health. 


Physiologic is a specialist forward thinking clinic dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, management and education of all musculoskeletal problems. No matter how big or small your physical problems maybe, our focus is on getting you back to doing the things that you love as fast and as safely as possible.

The core skills utilised by our physiotherapists include manual therapy, myofascial trigger point therapy, soft tissue massage, therapeutic exercise prescription and the application of electrophysical modalities such as ultrasound and laser therapy. We see human movement as central to the health and well-being of individuals and use these techniques to achieve this as wholly as possible. We also carry out ergonomic assessments for home and work.   Easy access to other areas of knowledge such as diet, nutrition, psychology, and exercise prescription will help you to achieve your goals and reactivate your life.

Our Physiotherapists…

Collins Ogbeivor

Ollie Wilkinson

Lizzy Strand