Lisa Burnett – Reflexologist , Energy Healer

Lisa is passionate about raising awareness that every body has the ability to heal itself given nurture and time. How this is achieved is different for everyone.

Having experienced a prolapsed lumbar disk at the age of 19, Lisa found complementary therapies of great benefit to restore her to a full and active life. It also inspired her to question her lifestyle choices and she soon realised that there was a lot she could change to help herself become healthier, happier, and to prevent such an injury happening again. She regularly has treatments to help maintain optimal health.

Her experience motivated her to become a Holistic Body Massage Therapist in 1994 and she has been in professional practice ever since. Later, she added Reflexology, Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage and Energy Healing to her skill set.

She takes care to listen to her clients’ individual needs, whether they are presenting themselves emotionally or physically, often both. She can feel by touch and see physical imbalances in a client’s body then is able to facilitate the healing with whichever therapy she believes will work best, sometimes being a combination of all three. She feels passionate about helping to nurture the client back to wholeness with a safe and supportive approach and environment.