Martha English – Director of Physiologic

Martha’s passion is to create optimum health, wellbeing and complete harmony of mind, body and soul. She has been interested in the wondrous power of the human body since an early age, yet it was only after she experienced an undiagnosed chronic illness herself that she learnt techniques which enabled her to recover. She then made it her mission in life to help others reap the benefits that she feels she’s been so lucky to enjoy.

Martha is passionate about showing how healing techniques such as NES, Acupuncture and Theta can empower us all to heal ourselves by harnessing our own inner energies.

She specialises in working with people who have undiagnosed pain, chronic fatigue, gut problems, head fog, or other symptoms that do not easily fit into a conventional diagnosis. She likes to find the root of the problem and support her clients to heal themselves and flourish.

She is a trained Acupuncturist, qualified Theta healer and an advanced NES practitioner. She has studied Chinese medicine and acupuncture at The Chinese College of Medicine in London, trained with Jani White at Acuhouse and is also a qualified Mummy MOT practitioner

She works with other members of the talented Physiologic team to help restore optimum health.