Ollie Wilkinson – Physiotherapist

Before training as a Physiotherapist, Ollie had a keen interest in all things outdoors. He was, and still is, a keen kayaker and climber and loves nothing more than being outside whether rain or shine.

Over the years, he has seen and experienced various musculoskeletal injuries and developed a keen interest in the treatment and rehabilitation post injury. This interest led him to study a Physiotherapy degree at Brighton University where he graduated in 2012.

Since then he has worked as a Physiotherapist both in the private sector and the NHS along the south coast for the last four years. He has gained experience in various specialities such as musculoskeletal, orthopaedics, cardio respiratory and neurology and works as a band 7 physiotherapist within the team at Physiologic.

His interests remain centred around sport, outdoor activities and injury rehabilitation, particularly understanding pain, the treatment and management of acute and chronic sports injuries, rehabilitation of both short and long term back pain, and post-operative rehabilitation.