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Mummy MOT

What is a Mummy MOT?
The Mummy MOT is a specialist post-natal assessment recommended for all women following delivery, whether that be six weeks or many years after having a baby. Already part of every new mother’s standard post-natal rehabilitation in France, the Mummy MOT involves a trained specialist assessing the strength and function of the tummy and pelvic floor muscles to help prevent long-term childbirth related complaints.

What does the Mummy MOT include?

  • 1-hour post-natal assessment
  • In depth check of pelvic floor strength and tummy gap
  • Assessment of any physical problems arising from pregnancy and birth
  • A bespoke post-natal recovery programme devised especially for you, your lifestyle and fitness goals. This includes specific and safe post-natal exercises to improve stability, posture and core strength.
  • Cost: £70 including assessment and recovery programme

Who needs the Mummy MOT?
After having a baby, half of all women have a weakness in either their tummy or pelvic floor area, and over a third suffer with chronic pelvic pain. This creates instability and poor core strength and can result in altered transfer load, back pain, pelvic pain, and bladder and bowel weakness. A Mummy MOT helps women avoid these distressing and often embarrassing symptoms.

To avoid any long-term childbirth related complaints, come early and get your tummy gap and pelvic floor tested, then start your bespoke post-natal recovery programme plan to regain stability and optimum function.

What is the investment?
£250 for six half-hour treatments, including full assessment and bespoke recovery programme.

Who does the treatment?
Our trained Mummy MOT specialist Martha English. Martha is also the director of Physiologic, a qualified acupuncturist, Chinese medical practitioner, Reiki Master, NES practitioner and Shockwave therapist.

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