Spring back into life-Physiologic

Spring is a fantastic time to revitalize your mind, body and soul. Just take a look around you at how the beauty of nature gently unfolds as the warmth of the sun touches the earth. Well our bodies love to shake off the cold and dark of the winter and burst into Spring.

Here are a few factors to consider to help to balance our bodies and our minds to feel good, naturally.

Sleep – This is a must for the body to regenerate and function correctly. Getting enough sleep allows each organ to repair itself leaving us revitalized and ready to start the day with a spring in our step.

Stress – Life can be fast paced for us all at times and it needs careful management to keep levels of stress in control. Too much stress can cause the hormone cortisol to spike and our immune system can be suppressed causing us to feel sick.

Diet – It goes without saying that a good healthy balanced diet is essential to maintain the best quality of life.

Exercise – A walk in nature or by the sea, meditation, yoga, or a trip to the gym will release essential endorphins that will leave you feeling happy and full of energy.

Gratitude – Make a list the 3 things that you are grateful for each day and you will be amazed how positive you become.

Creativity – Allow time for your creative juices to flow. Whatever it is that you enjoy it is important to take time to explore the world

Time for you – Take the time to treat yourself to a massage or to read a book or to watch a movie. Look after yourself and get regular health checks to prevent illness. Be the best that you can be and most of all be you!