Dr Cary Morin – Physiotherapist

Recently immigrating from the United States, originally born and raised in northern New England, Cary studied in North Carolina where he received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2016. Cary has trained and worked in Acute Care and Outpatient Care in both hospital and privately-owned settings. He is most appreciative of his experience working at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda Maryland, the United States’ largest and most renowned military medical centre. Having gained so much from his experience as a soldier in the United States Army as a younger man, he found it a wonderful experience to be back in that environment to give back to soldiers and their families.

Although Cary specialises in treating musculoskeletal needs, he is also well educated on Parkinson’s disease and is certified in a Parkinson’s specific treatment aimed at increasing mobility and slowing the progression of the disease. This evidence-based approach, LSVT BIG, started in the United States and now has certified clinicians globally with only three here in the Kent region. Cary hopes to expand the awareness and accessibility of this treatment here in the UK.